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Latest legal updates

Right’s of Light - what’s the story?

Residential team quarterly - Spring 2017

Overseas companies owning UK property to disclose details of owners in public register

More details of the government's proposals for a public register showing the beneficial owners of overseas companies which own UK property have now been published.

Octoesse LLP v Trak Special Projects Ltd [2016] EWHC 3180 (TCC)

Staying out late and boosting the economy

Rent deposit deeds

Quarterly Housing Update Spring 2017

Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of Quarterly Housing Update.

What do you do if you fail to sign?

This is likely to be a familiar question for anyone who has ever done business with commissioners for the supply of health and care services. Within the sector it is common for providers not to have in place written and signed contracts for the services that they are providing.

Brexit: the implications for employment law?

Article 50 has now been invoked and the process of negotiating Britain's exit from the EU commenced. What more do we know now about the implications for UK employment law following Brexit?

Gearing up for the GDPR (3): Breach notification

In this bulletin, we review the current state of the law in relation to an organisation's obligation to notify the ICO of a data breach, and the extent to which that will change under the GDPR.

Strength in real estate Middle East - March 2017

Welcome to our first edition of Strength in real estate Middle East, showcasing some of our best track record in the sector.

Quarterly Commercial Update Spring 2017

Welcome to the spring edition of Quarterly Commercial Update.

Strength in real estate - March 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of strength in real estate, showcasing some of our best track record in the sector.

Post deregulation: The new notifications regime

The HCA has today published new Directions, under its powers in the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 as amended under the Housing and Planning Act 2016. As anticipated these will come into effect on 6 April 2017.

Commercial councils, commercial skills and partnership working

At an event in conjunction with the BSA a select group of speakers including our partners, James Hawkins and Helen Randall, discussed the culture, ethos and practicalities of running commercial councils.

Budget 2017: the knowns and the unknowns

The budget provided some relief to the social care funding system this week, although the consensus is that it will not go far enough to meet the current funding shortfall in the system, even with £1bn provided up-front. This is estimated by different think tanks at between £1.3bn and £2bn for the 2017/18 financial year. How much of this money actually hits front line services will also be crucial to the impact it has.

Spring Budget 2017: Local Government

In Spring Budget 2017, the government has announced £2bn will be invested in adult social care over the next three years. It also announced £536m in funding for new free schools and to maintain existing schools. Free transport will be made available for children from poorer families to attend selective schools. It will also be rolling out tax-free childcare and introducing 'T-Levels' for technical students.

Thinking Real Estate Issue 4

Welcome to our fourth edition of Thinking Real Estate, our publication covering current and thought provoking topics from across the global real estate market.

Housing Matters - March 2017

Welcome to the March edition of Housing Matters.

HR Law - March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of HR Law.

Online judgements of the Employment Tribunal are here!

A new Government database that allows anyone to search and access first instance judgments of the Employment Tribunal has gone live for the first time.

Sleep-ins: another time bomb for social care

Sleep-ins have been a topic of controversy for some time now, and the issue has become more pressing recently with escalating costs in the sector, coupled with a new approach by HMRC to enforce payment of the national minimum wage for sleep-ins.

Gender pay reporting - an update - February 2017

Pay reporting is a hot topic at the moment. The new gender pay reporting requirements come into effect next month, and new policies could be in the pipeline.

LGBT rights in review — integrating equality through procurement and supply chain management

This article was first published on Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Library on 17 February 2017.

Well Buildings

In the first of a series of articles, we consider future trends in commercial development and how you can prepare your business for the challenges ahead.

Knock Knock…who’s there? How “vacant” must a property be for vacant possession to have been given?

Most buyers and sellers will be buying and selling with 'vacant possession' (VP). Indeed, the Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition) normally adopted on residential sales usually impose a contractual obligation on a seller to sell its property with VP.

The Housing White Paper 2017

Our real estate team has examined the key considerations for the market in light of the UK's first Housing White Paper in 20 years.

Gender pay reporting - mind the gap

Gender pay reporting is now firmly on the agenda of employers in the private, voluntary and public sector with over 250 employees on the "snapshot" date.

HR Law - February 2017

Welcome to the February 2017 edition of HR Law

What’s happening in 2017?

While Brexit will inevitably be taking a large chunk out of the government's agenda, particularly in view of the Supreme Court's recent decision that an Act of Parliament is needed to trigger article 50, 2017 will also bring a number of changes on the employment law front.

Quarterly Housing Update Winter 2016/17

Welcome to the Winter 2016/17 edition of Quarterly Housing Update

Housing Litigation Update Winter 2016/17

Welcome to the Winter 2016/17 edition of Housing Litigation Update

Who are going to be the winners in the technology race to save the healthcare system?

At a roundtable jointly hosted by Grant Thornton and Trowers & Hamlins, a select group including healthcare providers and commissioners, investors and entrepreneurs debated who will win in the technology race to save the UK healthcare system.

Manchester Roundtable Highly Valued Hard to Value research

Examining value in real estate

The finalised gender pay gap regulations are here

Section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 (EqA 2010) gives the government power to make regulations requiring private and third sector employers to publish information relating to differences between the pay of male and female employees across their organisations.

Thinking Business Winter 2016

Our Thinking Business publication aims to share expertise and ideas with you to support growth and sustainability for your business.

Post-Christmas party punch-ups

It's not news that Christmas parties, with their alcohol-induced loosening of inhibitions, can sometimes cause tricky problems for employers. Previously it has been clear that employers can be vicariously liable for undesirable festive shenanigans on the part of their employees, but what's the position when people move on for post-party drinks?

HR Law - December 2016

Welcome to the December 2016 edition of HR Law

Housing Matters - December 2016

Welcome to the September edition of Housing Matters.

The United Kingdom Autumn Statement 2016