Company secretarial

As businesses grow and develop, so do the increasing daily demands on knowing what to file, how to comply and what the next changes on the horizon will mean can be a full-time job. So when time is precious, having a trusted adviser on hand to whom you can direct the legal questions and issues can be invaluable. 

Through our outsourced company secretary service, you can rely on us for a full range of legal services – from day-to-day company secretarial tasks to answering adhoc queries and monitoring governance and compliance.

As a firm, we’re dedicated to researching best practice and making sure that our knowledge of company law is current and up-to-date. For our clients this means the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every detail is being taken care of.

Outsourcing company secretarial functions to Trowers allows businesses to focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that their company is compliant and current. Our work allows us to track trends inside an organisation and build unique insights into the way it operates. Over time we develop a deep understanding of how a business functions and a valuable grasp of its corporate history.

The majority of clients that take advantage of our outsourced company secretary service also turn to us for other legal specialisms. Joined-up and quick to share knowledge – they know that our insight into their everyday business means that our lawyers will deliver fast, effective and economical advice whatever challenges they face.

In brief

  • Providing clients with a broad understanding of the compliance landscape and the ability to plan ahead for regulatory change
  • Clients hand over the administrative burden leaving them free to focus on what they do best
  • Always with an outsiders perspective, we can track trends and identify issues inside an organisation
  • Our knowledge of a business’ corporate history means that any legal tasks can be fast-tracked and informed

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