Responsible business strategy

We want to do more than provide our clients with expert legal advice. We aim to act as a trusted partner, meeting their expectations and delivering real and lasting change for the benefit of our clients, our people and wider society, whilst at the same time doing our best to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. 

Embedded in our governance, our responsible business strategy is brought to life by senior leaders, our internal networks and stakeholders. We believe in the importance of having buy-in at all levels and recognise that we all need to act to achieve our goals and contribute to a better future.

We have produced award-winning thought leadership on social value, offering insight to our clients and prospects to inform and advise them. Our Highly Valued, Hard to Value report explores how to measure a broader value of a place that incorporates other factors such as cultural, social, and environmental value. Our second report establishing the real value of development sets out a methodology for financial valuation of the societal impact of development and presents recommendations to enhance existing methods of valuation for both the public and private sectors.

We are partners in the communities we operate, working with local communities to support and help them to meet specific local needs. Each year, we engage in a range of volunteering programmes to fundraise for our office's Charities of the Year and contribute time and skills to various community-based initiatives. More recently, in recognition of the relationship between businesses, the built environment and their impact on communities we ran an initiative exploring cities and the drivers of prosperity. This included running a series of events bringing a broad range of stakeholders and voices around one table to examine what prosperity means and to identify the specific drivers and inhibitors in each city. Looking at how we create the towns and cities of the future as well as examine real estate’s role in providing the platform for society to thrive.

In 2019, we looked at the importance of trying to operate more sustainable business models and the cultural alignment with any business partner, funding partners and investors to ensure combined environmental, social and governance aims are met.

Through a deep understanding of the interface between business and communities, we're helping organisations to achieve sustainable, responsible, and resilient growth. Find out what we can do for you.