Asset optimisation and diversification

Changes in the sector have provided the opportunity for housing providers to use assets more strategically and there are a number of potential new income streams that providers can tap into. There are also a variety of ways to use assets and structure transactions more effectively to maximise the outputs. We can help you navigate your way around corporate, governance, regulatory and loan covenant issues to access those opportunities.

Our trusted advisors are praised for their ability to advise from a more strategic stand point.  It's not  just about the law to us, but about engineering and applying it in a way which is practical and outcome based for our clients. Our clients want solutions and innovation not barriers and hurdles.

Asset optimisation comes in a wide range of forms from simple disposal to large scale stock rationalisation, from establishing mirror companies and special purpose vehicle in order to access freedoms that unregulated entities have available, through to restructuring and repurposing assets.  Whether it be generating new income streams from existing assets, accessing untapped capacity through smart navigation around loan covenants, or making better use of assets through optimisation programmes, we have helped our clients to achieve real additionality.

As the sector has changed over the years we have had to come up with more innovative solutions to help our clients deliver their business and achieve their purpose in the prevailing environment.  This ranges from structuring development activities in ways which maximise outputs against the backdrop of loan covenant restrictions (using forward funding arrangements, construction payments, deferred consideration arrangements for example) through to putting in place joint venture arrangements in order to access new funding streams and strategic opportunities. 

All of this has both regulatory and governance implications, and these kinds of diversified activities have always been a key concern of the Regulator from a risk perspective. Getting it right is therefore essential.

A great deal of our advisor's time is spent bringing new ideas to our clients as they consider future goals and helping shape their strategies at the highest of levels, working through boards and executive teams, and at the same time helping them to achieve those goals in a way which is compliant from a legal and regulatory compliant point of view. 

With key relationships with the Regulator, central and local government, the National Housing Federation, Chartered Institute of Housing, funders and investors, and taking into account the number of clients that we act for, our advice is formulated using the widest bank of knowledge possible. 

In brief

  • Extensive experience of corporate restructuring to assist with asset optimisation
  • Strong track record of supporting and helping to deliver diversified activities
  • Experts in wider governance and regulatory issues that arise in connection with optimisation and diversification strategies
  • Pragmatic thinkers and solution driven
  • Bringing innovation to the thought process 

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